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xo__livejournal icons

xo livejournal icons community.
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# Do not DIRECT LINK. Upload to your own server.
# If you take an icon, always comment, and credit.
# Respect other members.
# Only promote in your own livejournal, if you promote me at all, heh.
# I don't do Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings icons, they make me want to cry, so don't ask me to do any.
# Requests are welcome :)
# Enjoy :)

If you have any questions or queries regarding this community or it's icons, please email me, eyes_lowered and i will be happy to answer your questions, as long as they aren't ridiculous.


If you would like to request an icon, then email me {eyes_lowered}, or leave a comment in the community, and i will do my best to to make it.


Please use this banner to promote us in your livejournal! Remember, do not promote in other people's livejournals, if you are found to be doing so, you will be banned.

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